Martin, Kentucky Redevelopment Plan
What can local citizens do to advance the Town of Martin Project?

Local citizens of Martin can become involved in advancing the Town of Martin project by exercising their rights as citizens and making their concerns for the project's completion known to local, state and national representatives through letters, phone calls and electronic media (email system). Attendance at important local and state meetings regarding the project would also show local concerns for the project's future and support for completion of the project.

What is the status of the Town of Martin Project?

Since its inception in March 2000 The Town of Martin Redevelopment Project has been funded through a partnership between the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Floyd County Fiscal Court with non-Federal financial assistance from the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Corps of Engineers' Federal share of the project funds is provided through Congressional "Adds" to the annual Federal budget. Given all of the competing national needs and the finite amount of available Federal funds, securing adequate funds for the project has been a difficult task for those Congressional Interests that support the Martin project. What funds that have been provided recently have been used to move forward the design of project components that could be constructed when sufficient Federal funds are made available.

The designs for the replacement Fire Station, the replacement Martin Alternative Learning School and the replacement City Hall/Police Station are being developed by the Corps of Engineers and its consultants. Other design work for relocation of the main sewer line around the downtown area (the "Sanitary Bypass" necessitated by the anticipated filling of the downtown in Phase II) and the bypass potable water line are ongoing. When sufficient funds are made available for construction of these project components, they will be constructed at their planned locations within the project area.


Permanent Fire Station

In 2004 when the Town of Martin Phase 1 Redevelopment Site project construction was initiated, the original City of Martin fire station, which was located at the proposed Phase 1 redevelopment site, was demolished, and a temporary fire station was constructed as a renovation of the Barnett property located on Route 1428 east of downtown Martin. Pictures in the photo gallery of this web site show the original Martin fire station and its demolition and the location of the temporary fire station.

In 2011, the Corps of Engineers and the City of Martin negotiated a relocations contract for construction of a new fire station to be located within the incorporated limits of the municipality. After investigating multiple possible sites within the town, the City and the Corps agreed to construct the permanent fire station within the Phase 1 redevelopment site.

The new fire station was designed to include four paved bays for fire trucks and other vehicles, separate administration offices and equipment room, and facilities for drying fire hoses and washing the vehicles. Parking is provided on-site for the fire department volunteers and staff. In total, the fire station building covers about 4,000 square feet.

The fire station is heated and provides a dry, warm, and safe location for the fire department from which they can manage the fire safety of the community. A stone facing was added to the lower portion of the fire station structure to reduce maintenance costs and to match the architectural style of the planned City Hall structure also to be constructed on the Phase 1 site.

After completion of the plans and specifications for the permanent fire station, the Corps of Engineers negotiated an agreement with a small business contractor to construct the new fire station. The construction contract was awarded in the amount of $1.2 million. Pictures of this construction are included in the photo gallery of the web site. The new fire station is scheduled to be completed in January 2013 after which the Martin Fire Department will relocate their facilities into the new station.

Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony at the Phase 1 Redevelopment Site

On Saturday November 3, 2007 at 11:00am, the City of Martin KY, Floyd County KY, and the Huntington District of the US Army Corps of Engineers celebrated the unofficial completion of the Phase 1 Redevelopment Site with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on the site. Approximately 100 people attended the ceremony under a crisp and clear blue sky. Congressman Hal Rogers, whose steadfast financial and personal support of the project has helped to realize the Martin flood protection project, was the keynote speaker. Other dignitaries addressed the crowd as well including R. D. "Doc" Marshall, Floyd County Judge Executive, Colonel Dana Hurst, Huntington District Commander and Mayor Thomasine Robinson. Members of the City of Martin City Council were present at the ceremony, members of the Allen Central H.S. Junior ROTC unit posted and retired the colors and Ms. Jerica Blair sang the national anthem. A reception was held at the City of Martin Community Center following the ceremony. See the photo gallery for pictures of the Phase 1 site and the ceremony.