Martin, Kentucky Redevelopment Plan
What can local citizens do to advance the Town of Martin Project?

Local citizens of Martin can become involved in advancing the Town of Martin project by exercising their rights as citizens and making their concerns for the project's completion known to local, state and national representatives through letters, phone calls and electronic media (email system). Attendance at important local and state meetings regarding the project would also show local concerns for the project's future and support for completion of the project.

What is the status of the Town of Martin Project?

Since its inception in March 2000 The Town of Martin Redevelopment Project has been funded through a partnership between the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Floyd County Fiscal Court with non-Federal financial assistance from the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Corps of Engineers' Federal share of the project funds is provided through Congressional "Adds" to the annual Federal budget. Given all of the competing national needs and the finite amount of available Federal funds, securing adequate funds for the project has been a difficult task for those Congressional Interests that support the Martin project. What funds that have been provided recently have been used to move forward the design of project components that could be constructed when sufficient Federal funds are made available.

The designs for the replacement Fire Station, the replacement Martin Alternative Learning School and the replacement City Hall/Police Station are being developed by the Corps of Engineers and its consultants. Other design work for relocation of the main sewer line around the downtown area (the "Sanitary Bypass" necessitated by the anticipated filling of the downtown in Phase II) and the bypass potable water line are ongoing. When sufficient funds are made available for construction of these project components, they will be constructed at their planned locations within the project area.

Frequently Asked Questions from the Martin Community

Recently we have been receiving questions at the web site about the project from citizens living within and around the Town of Martin. In the interest of assuring that everyone had access to the same answers to those questions, we thought it best to provide the answers on the web site. We chose not to include anyone's name from the contact information, but if you recognize your question; you have our thanks for contributing and the following text contains your answer.

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Question 1. A person expressed their concern that some people are being forced from their homes in the area.
Question 2: A person asked where people will live in Martin when the project is completed.
Question 3: A person asked about the future location of the carnival downtown when the project is completed.
Question 4: A person asked where the new school will be located in the project area.
Question 5: A person from the Dinwood area asked how the Town of Martin Project would affect their home along Beaver Creek.
Question 6: A person has asked about the proposed newsletter for the Town of Martin project.
Question 7: A local resident asked this question recently about the project: "Would like to know why there hasn't been any movement on the commercial site for the past few weeks?"
Question 8: A person recently commented on the changes in Martin and asked these questions: "Mom (85yo) was raised in the Martin area. We were back for a family visit last year and were shocked to see for the first time what was being done to Martin. Please advise if the town will resemble what it looked like before." (see picture "Phase I site looking down 1428 through the heart of Martin downtown (close up)" in the web site photo gallery) Also, she wonders if the funeral home just below all of the new work will flood.
Comment: A person from Rhode Island visited the web site and wished the citizens of Martin good luck with their new town.
Comment: A local resident asked whether or not the residents of Cracker Bottom would be affected by the Martin Redevelopment Plan expressing some concern that flood waters may be redirected towards their homes.
Comment: A former resident of Martin asked whether the downtown would look the same when the Martin Redevelopment Plan is completed.
Comment: A person who spent their great childhood in Martin expressed interest in the redevelopment project and mentioned their dad's former Beaver Valley Hardware store on Main Street.
Comment: A person from Ohio whose relatives are buried in Martin and has relatives in Hindman, KY expressed amazement at the initial redevelopment activities at Martin and was interested in keeping up with the progress of the project.
Comment: A former resident of the Martin, KY area and graduate of Martin High School inquired as to whether former residents would find decent housing in Martin as a result of the redevelopment plan for retirees returning to the community.
Comment: A resident from San Diego, who is familiar with the Martin project, expressed pleasure in the progress of the project and encouraged the team to keep at it.
Comment: An Ohio resident familiar with the town of Martin suggested that the redevelopment incorporate components of old picturesque main streets and upscale shopping experiences into the redevelopment plan. They further expressed that creative marketing of the local culture as well as the state parks and a rejuvenated Martin could increase tourism and associated revenues.
Comment: A resident from the state of Washington expressed grief over the loss of the history of the town of Martin through its redevelopment and questioned whether the redevelopment alternative was indeed the best choice to protect Martin from flooding.
Comment: A resident from Shelby, Ohio, a town that has been flooded numerous times, indicated that they would like to use the Martin, KY plan as a model for community discussions that may solve some of Shelby's flooding problems.
Comment: A person inquired as to the status of funding for the Martin project and whether sufficient funding would be available to complete the project.
Comment: A former resident of Martin, KY expressed concern for the condition of the creeks and runoff areas surrounding the city.
Comment: A former resident of Martin expressed excitement over the redevelopment of Martin and suggested that Martin could become a shinning beacon for economic development and community pride in the area.
Comment: A resident of Floyd County expressed concern about the potential that city officials were benefiting favorably from the Martin Redevelopment Project.
Comment: A former resident of Martin asked what was going on in Martin and indicated that they had read the book "The Town on Beaver Creek".
Comment: A person inquired as to whether the project was still ongoing and that a rumor suggested that there was no more funding for the project.
Comment: A resident expressed concern and grief over the loss of the Martin downtown that is being slowly purchased and demolished in anticipation of the downtown redevelopment project.
Comment: A former resident of the Martin area who has moved away expressed their desire to move back into Martin because of the hope that the redevelopment plan offers and wants to become an active member of the community.
Comment: A former resident of Martin inquired as to whether funding for the Martin Redevelopment Project has run out and whether any new development has taken place in the Phase I redevelopment site.