Martin, Kentucky Redevelopment Plan

Plan Overview

The Martin Redevelopment Plan provides for a new, flood safe commercial, residential, public and institutional center on a cohesive site overlaid upon portions of the existing Martin downtown. The redevelopment plan places commercial uses in an area with greater visibility and with many site characteristics required by today's retail and office users, while providing the "town center" aesthetic desired by residents of this community. Parking and sidewalks combined with pedestrian-scaled street lighting will provide a comfortable and safe shopping and business environment.

The residential portion of the plan can accommodate approximately two-thirds of the anticipated single-family and duplex home replacement lots. Sidewalks, new utilities and street lighting will provide for an enhanced community aesthetic. A new civic plaza within the residential area will provide opportunities for community gatherings, holiday festivals and passive pursuits. The commercial and residential areas of the site are bordered by a linear, passive recreation Greenway that mitigates the 20 feet grade change between the elevated new community and Beaver Creek. Primary access to the redevelopment sites comes from Main Street (KY 1428) which, while elevated from its current height, substantially maintains its present alignment.