Martin, Kentucky Redevelopment Plan

Community Design Guidelines

By any measure, redevelopment of the Town of Martin is a large undertaking. Planning and design on this scale cannot be accomplished in a vacuum, nor can it ignore the tradition and culture of the community and its landscape. Therefore, the planning and design for the redevelopment of Martin is set within a framework of social, physical, and economic principles, such that redevelopment would be economically and socially viable and visually pleasing. This framework, which will guide all future development in Martin, is described in the Martin Redevelopment Plan and Design Guidelines.

The principles covered five key areas:

  • Community Planning
  • Community Design
  • Economics
  • Residential Design
  • Circulation System Design

The community planning principles provide the overall guidance for all principles, and include:

  • Community Identity
  • Health and Safety
  • Livability
  • Accessibility
  • Aesthetics
  • Environmental Protection
  • Community Justice

All development in the redevelopment sites will be developed under the design guidelines administered by a local Design Review Board, appointed by the City Council. The design guidelines have been approved for all four phases of redevelopment.

Current Design Review Board Members

Charles Frye
Mrs. McKinney
Mark McKinney

Members may be contacted through the Martin City Hall.