Martin, Kentucky Redevelopment Plan

Master Plan

Commercial Redevelopment District

The revitalized commercial district of Martin, KY will be located primarily in two locations within walking distance of each other. The initial commercial district will be located on the Phase I Redevelopment Site (photo gallery). In addition to the planned locations of the Martin Alternative Learning School, the new City Hall/Police Station and the new Fire Station in the Phase I site, there is available space for new commercial development along Purple Flash Way. The anticipated layout of the commercial district would emulate the main street currently within Martin along Route 1428 with commercial buildings located on both sides of the street. Parking would be provided in separate lots with entrances from Purple Flash Way. The Phase I Redevelopment Site will be connected to the Phase III site by a new access road ("Redevelopment Drive").

The second commercial district is planned to be on the Phase II site bordering Route 1428 (Main Street). This planned area would include a two city-block long shopping venue with commercial buildings flanking a street complete with on-street parking and spacious sidewalks for shoppers. This new "main street" complex would be oriented parallel to Main Street and some commercial buildings will face on both Main Street and the new "main street" corridor. The planned residential neighborhood north of Main Street (see Residential Redevelopment District below) will border the commercial area for these two blocks. A broad pedestrian walkway will cross Main Street connecting the residential area to the new commercial district - the walkway will anchor one end of the civic plaza (see Civic Plaza below).

Residential Redevelopment District

The residential redevelopment district will be located in two adjacent areas downtown. The first residential area will be located at the east end of the current downtown extending from Cross Street to the end of the downtown footprint and will flank both sides of Main Street. This development will be part of Phase II of the Martin Redevelopment Plan and will use material from Mayo Hollow to raise the site above flood heights. Both single-family and duplex residential structures may be located within this first residential area and both sidewalks and street lighting will be provided in the design. People relocating from the downtown area and the Jenny's Street neighborhood will be offered residential lots in this initial residential area.

The second residential area will be located immediately to the west of the first area and roughly located where the Jenny's Street neighborhood is now located. This residential area will be part of Phase III of the Martin Redevelopment Plan and will be located on a compacted fill structure using material from Mayo Hollow. This area will extend from the new Beaver Creek Greenway landward to Main Street and from Cross Street to the old Water Street right-of-way. Water Street will be removed as well as the old Water Street bridge (see the Web site section relating to the Phase III construction for the removal of the Water Street bridge). This residential area will accommodate both single-family and duplex structures as may be required and will also feature sidewalks and street lighting.

Civic Plaza

A linear, paved civic plaza (with benches, landscaping and lighting) extending from the commercial district to the Beaver Creek Greenway will divide the Phase 3 residential area into two equal sections. The residential streets servicing this neighborhood will culminate in cul-de-sacs at the edge of the civic plaza to eliminate through traffic crossing the plaza. A vegetation buffer of trees and shrubs will separate the residential area from highway noise and nighttime lighting along Main Street and uses within the civic plaza.

Beaver Creek Greenway

A "Greenway" plan has been developed for the Town of Martin. The Greenway consists of a contiguous, linear recreation area that extends the length of the downtown bordering Beaver Creek and along the Phase IV voluntary evacuation areas upstream and downstream of the downtown using land unsuitable for development because it lies in the current floodway. Planning for Greenway sections outside of the downtown area footprint is conceptual at this time, due to the following challenges:

  1. Portions of the proposed Greenway encompass areas are populated with homes that may or may not be vacated during the Phase IV voluntary evacuation phase; thereby necessitating the continuance of street access to remaining structures.

  2. The Greenway footprint mirrors the floodway, so any recreation development is limited to trails and passive recreation pursuits in this zone defined by the National Flood Insurance Program.

The Greenway Concept Plan recommends a passive recreation and green space that beautifies and unifies Martin while restoring the evacuated floodway to its natural state. Development of the "Greenway" area outside of the downtown area may take place by the City of Martin in the future, as homeowners currently in this area vacate the floodway.