Martin, Kentucky Redevelopment Plan

Phased Development Approach

Martin will be redeveloped in a series of phases. The community redevelopment program will be jointly sponsored by the Corps of Engineers Huntington District and the Floyd County Fiscal Court. The Corps has established a four-phase schedule for implementing the redevelopment program. The order of the phases was determined jointly with the project sponsor and is further described in the project Real Estate Plan.

Phase 1

  • Construction of the 6.4 acre Phase I Redevelopment Site completed in 2007.
  • Design and construction of key facilities in the Phase 1 site such as:
    • Government relocated City Hall/Police Station,
    • Government relocated Martin Alternative Learning School,
    • Government relocated Fire Station
    • Mixed-Use Commercial and Office Buildings by private/public interests. The Big Sandy Area Development District is assisting the City of Martin with development of new commercial facilities in this site.

Phases 2 and 3

  • Acquisition of downtown properties
  • Relocation of the Martin Alternative Learning School and City Hall and Police Station to the Phase I Redevelopment Site
  • Demolition and clearing of existing downtown structures and facilities
  • Relocation of existing utilities (sewer, water, electric, gas, and telephone) and Route 1428
  • Place compacted fill material and raise site above floodplain (14 acres for redevelopment)
  • Private/Public construction of redevelopment areas (commercial and residential)

Phase 4

  • Implement voluntary floodproofing program
  • Apply nonstructural methods including voluntary buy-outs and protection in place
  • Future development of the Beaver Creek Greenway by non-Federal sponsor(s)