Martin, Kentucky Redevelopment Plan

How Has the City of Martin Shaped This Plan?

Martin is being redeveloped through a community-based approach in which citizens are partners with the Corps of Engineers and the Floyd County Fiscal Court in the redevelopment's planning and design.

Through extensive interviews and meetings, Martin's citizens have stressed that the redevelopment must retain the character and cohesiveness that has always been the strength of their community.

The redevelopment plan honors this heritage through the use of traditional planning principles that foster community interaction and address the primary goals citizens have established for redevelopment. These goals are:


The close-knit feeling that Martin's citizens want preserved comes in part from living, working and shopping in a community where residents do not commute long hours from their homes to distant jobs and stores. The redevelopment plan preserves this strength by integrating residential, retail, commercial and office buildings. Mixed use creates a strong tax base and new opportunities for revenue and employment that will sustain Martin as a viable community for years to come and allow the city to provide improved and sustainable public services.


Martin's residents stated clearly that they want the planning process to emphasize both vehicular and pedestrian access. This has been achieved by a street grid with primary and secondary access ways that provide easy entry and exit to the redevelopment area as well as connections to KY 1428 and other routes. At the same time, pedestrians are accommodated with walkways throughout the redeveloped area. And all sidewalks, ramps, buildings, entryways, etc. will comply with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).