Martin, Kentucky Redevelopment Plan

Where Are We Now?

Since the ground breaking ceremony for the Phase 1 Redevelopment Site on July 11, 2004 there has been much progress on the project. In addition to completion of the design for the Phase 1 Redevelopment Site, the Corps of Engineers executed agreements with the Floyd County Board of Education for relocation of the Martin Alternative Learning School into the Phase 1 Site and with the City of Martin for relocation of the City Hall and Police Station into a single building in the Phase 1 Site. The Big Sandy Area Development District executed an agreement with Floyd County to act on behalf of the county and the City of Martin in the commercial redevelopment of the Phase 1 Site. Designs for the new Martin Alternative Learning School were completed and construction work was initiated at the Phase 1 Site with clearing of timber from the site. The Phase 1 Site was completed with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in November 2007 and additional designs for the relocated Fire Station and the downtown Sewer Bypass have been initiated. The following paragraphs explain the current status of the project.

The Phase I Site Construction is Complete - the Site is Ready for Commercial and Public Facilities Occupation

The Phase I site was essentially completed in 2007. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on November 3, 2007 and was attended by approximately 100 people (photo gallery). About 750,000 cubic yards of soil and rock material were removed from the site and deposited at the Mayo Hollow Spoil Site for future use. The majority of the site has been refilled with 3 feet of select, compacted material in which utilities (sewer, water and electric) were installed and in which future building foundations can be constructed. Two decorative retaining walls flank the primary access road from Route 1428 (Main Street) into the site and the spacious entrance roadway provides easy access. Landscaping, entrance lighting and sidewalks were included at the site entrance. The final wearing course of asphalt will be laid on the site entrance and the interior street this spring.

See the latest photos of the completed Phase I site in the photo gallery.

Mayo Hollow Temporary Spoil Site

Filling of the Mayo Hollow Temporary Spoil Site with materials from the Phase I redevelopment site excavation is complete. Much of the spoil site has been seeded with a mixture of grasses and forbs beneficial to wildlife. The sediment retention structure will continue to capture any eroded materials from the site under the terms of the water quality permit issued by the Kentucky Division of Water. When the Phase II construction begins the spoil material will be reused for fill in the downtown. See pictures of the Mayo Hollow Spoil Site in the photo gallery.

Plans and Specifications for the New Town of Martin Fire Station

The plans and specifications for the new Martin fire station are being revised and should be completed mid-summer 2011. The original plans and specifications were developed for an alternate site that is no longer available for the station. The station will feature multiple truck bays, storage areas and offices for Martin's volunteer fire company. The currently agreed to site is in the Phase 1 redevelopment site at the south end of the circle adjacent to the proposed Martin Alternative Learning School site. In addition to the revision of the plans and specs, the original relocations contract between the City of Martin and the Corps of Engineers for the station is being amended to account for the new site. Because of the shape of the parcel, the original plans and specifications needed to be revised. The new station will be constructed when the revised plans are ready in mid-summer and construction funds are available.

Project Phases II and III Engineering and Design

The Corps of Engineers has initiated the preliminary engineering and design studies that lead to plans and specifications for construction of Phases II and III in the downtown area. More detailed analysis of the filling requirements for the downtown area, sizing and installation of utilities, design of sidewalks, streets and landscaping and relocation of Route 1428 through the downtown are being addressed in this stage of project engineering. This preliminary design work is currently at 35% complete and will be completed when funds are available.

Design of Sanitary Bypass (Temporary Relocation of Main Sewer Line around Downtown Martin)

The Sanitary Bypass phase of the Martin Redevelopment Project is essentially the first stage of the Phase 2 construction. The existing sanitary sewer system must remain in operation during construction of the Phase 2 and 3 areas. Currently sanitary sewage is transported from the western service areas to the Martin wastewater treatment plant at the downstream end of Martin. This linear system layout results in all sanitary flows from the western neighborhoods of Martin flowing through the downtown (Project Phases 2 & 3) area.

The existing sewers in the downtown area are old and have been damaged by past flooding. Placing and compacting about 16 feet of fill on top of this existing line would most likely cause it to collapse and would also make that line very difficult to operate and maintain at such depths. Should the existing line collapse during that downtown construction, it would not only affect service in the immediate downtown area, but all areas west of the collapse. The Sanitary Bypass project will intercept this sanitary flow near the State Route 80 connector bridge (end of Brawley Street) and bypass this flow around the Phase 2 & 3 construction area such that sewer service is reliably maintained during downtown construction. The Bypass sanitary system is currently being designed by the Corps of Engineers and will become a permanent part of Martin's sewer system. In addition to this bypass project, a similar bypass for potable water to maintain service to the hospital and other customers in Martin is being designed as well.

Relocation of the Martin Alternative Learning School

A relocations contract was executed by the Floyd County School Board and the Corps of Engineers in July 2004 for design and construction of the new school. The Corps of Engineers in cooperation with the Floyd County Board of Education, staff of the Martin Alternative School and the Kentucky Department of Education have completed architectural and engineering design work on the new Martin Alternative Learning School. The Architect/Engineer firm of Burgess and Niple completed the plans and specifications for the school out of their Cincinnati, Ohio Office under contract with the Corps. This project relocation is "shovel-ready" and construction of the new school facilities could begin when funds are available.

Relocation of the Combined City Hall and Police Station

The Corps of Engineers executed a relocations contract with the City of Martin in October 2004 for the relocation of the City Hall and Police Station into one complex at the Phase I Redevelopment Site. The Corps has completed the design of the building and site improvements. This project relocation is "shovel-ready" and construction of the combined facility could begin when funds are made available. The design of the City Hall/Police Station building compliments the architectural style of the new Martin Alternative Learning School.