Martin, Kentucky Redevelopment Plan
What can local citizens do to advance the Town of Martin Project?

Local citizens of Martin can become involved in advancing the Town of Martin project by exercising their rights as citizens and making their concerns for the project's completion known to local, state and national representatives through letters, phone calls and electronic media (email system). Attendance at important local and state meetings regarding the project would also show local concerns for the project's future and support for completion of the project.

What is the status of the Town of Martin Project?

Since its inception in March 2000 The Town of Martin Redevelopment Project has been funded through a partnership between the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Floyd County Fiscal Court with non-Federal financial assistance from the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The Corps of Engineers' Federal share of the project funds is provided through Congressional "Adds" to the annual Federal budget. Given all of the competing national needs and the finite amount of available Federal funds, securing adequate funds for the project has been a difficult task for those Congressional Interests that support the Martin project. What funds that have been provided recently have been used to move forward the design of project components that could be constructed when sufficient Federal funds are made available.

The designs for the replacement Fire Station, the replacement Martin Alternative Learning School and the replacement City Hall/Police Station are being developed by the Corps of Engineers and its consultants. Other design work for relocation of the main sewer line around the downtown area (the "Sanitary Bypass" necessitated by the anticipated filling of the downtown in Phase II) and the bypass potable water line are ongoing. When sufficient funds are made available for construction of these project components, they will be constructed at their planned locations within the project area.

Who Helped Get It Started?

On May 4, 1998, the Martin Town Council appointed the Martin Redevelopment Task Force. This local redevelopment task force was made up of eight members of the community who worked tirelessly with the Corps of Engineers and the Corps' consultants to create a vision for their community. The task force helped the Corps of Engineers identify and select a new site for the relocation of Martin's residential, commercial and public facilities and developed the Town of Martin Redevelopment Plan.

The task force met several times in 1998 and 1999:

July 21, 1998................ Task Force meets to review the methodology for studying the feasibility of redevelopment, including the methodology for identifying and evaluating potential redevelopment sites.
October 15, 1998........ Task Force meets with the USACE and its planning and design consultant, Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade & Douglas, Inc. (PB), to review preliminary site evaluation findings. The Curve/Ice Plant Road site is identified as the preferred redevelopment site.
April 13, 1999............... Task Force meets to review final redevelopment programming estimates and designs for the commercial, public, semi-public and institutional facilities. Following discussion of the cost, funding and project schedule, the task force approves the Martin Redevelopment Plan.
July 14, 1999................ Open meeting is held at the Martin Town Hall to allow the USACE, the Task Force and PB to discuss the plan and answer questions.

The Martin Redevelopment Task Force included the following Martin residents:

Rick Caudill
Wiley Elliot
April Gayheart
Larry Greer
Virginia Jamerson
Pam Justice
Thomasine Robinson
Regina Sextone
Allen Whicker